Tips to Sell Your House Quickly

Selling a house is a task that demands loads of patience and efforts; not to mention publicity. Yet, with the right kind of approach, selling a house can be converted into a quick and even enjoyable activity. A house can be sold in less than a week if all preparations are in order says Susan Jones, UK cash house buyer from property website Ask Susan.

If you need a little help on how to sell your house fast, here are some tips and suggestions that you may want to consider.

Do Your Research

It’s important to do some research to see what’s comparable in your area. Take a drive around your neighbourhood and find out if there are any other houses for sale in the near vicinity. Go online and do some research on renowned home pricing websites. Once you know your competition and have an idea for the general price ranges, you can feel more confident about being able to price your house at something reasonable.

Do the Repairs and Get Rid of Clutter

One common mistake people make when selling their homes is to leave it as it is when they left it. You may be too excited to move to a new home, but if you want to sell your old house fast, you have to invest time on making it more appealing to potential buyers. In this tight economy when people are not buying houses, it’s wise to make your house attractive to a few who are looking for a new house. Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer; check out the things that you would most certainly inspect in buying a home. If you find things that need repair, it’s important that you invest on it.

Right Pricing

Proper pricing of your house is vital to attract the right buyers. Once you know how much houses in your neighbourhood are going for, make a bid to price your house about 10% lower than the average rate. In a market that has many first time property buyers and people who are tired of seeing unattainable inventory, this will give them incentive to start bidding higher on your home. You may be able to receive multiple bids this way. Remember, you are trying to create a bargain value for something desirable and attractive.

Keep Your House Clean

It’s important to keep your home clean and remove all clutter before showing it to potential buyers. You can remove some furniture and withdraw unnecessary stuff to make it look bigger. Be sure to give it a professional cleaning, using spot removers and carpet cleaners. Give your floors an extra cleaning.

Use Only the Best Photos for Your Ads

If you don’t want to hire a professional photographer, get a camera with wide angle lens. Many buyers go online to look for properties, and they ignore houses without photos. A good camera can make your house look bigger, nice and brighter.

Work on the House’s External Appearance

Often sellers ignore the external appearance of their houses. The first thing seen by a potential buyer is the home’s outer look. A ragged look casts a bad impression about the house. Therefore, it’s important to improve the external appearance of your house. You can give the exterior of your house a new look through a fresh coat of paint. Make it appealing at the first look.

Get a Vendor Property Inspection

You can sell your house fast if you can attract more potential buyers. You can do this if you prepare your house before you place it in the market. Repaint walls, remove the clutter, fix the roof, fix broken windows- these are just a few of the things you need to take care of before you invite buyers into your house. Create an inviting, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, so potential buyers can imagine themselves living in your house the second they walk in. You will know which areas need fixing or repair if you get a vendor inspection. Hire a reputable property inspector, so you will know what needs to be repaired or fixed before you invite potential buyers into your house.

Offer to Pay Closing Costs

Finally, if you’re still puzzled on how to sell your house fast, consider giving your buyer an even better offer. You can think about offering to pay some or all of the closing costs. This will help to instil trust in your buyers and ensure that the closing goes as smoothly as possible. They know that you are serious about the deal.

Generally, there are many ways how to sell your house fast. Keeping your home clean, appealing and in good condition will help you make the most out of your experience.

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How To Sell Your House Fast, For Cash

We live in a rather volatile economy, and there are many scenarios that may arise to warrant the need of a quick sale of your house for cash says repossession and fast house buyer advice site Repossession Stoppers. Consider the case where you are forced to relocate to a new neighborhood or town within a very short time frame. In such a setting, adopting the conventional long drawn out process of selling the house via a solicitor or agent is impractical if not just impossible.

A quick cash sale of your property could also come in handy when you need to settle a huge and urgent debt e.g overdue mortgage repayments. This is a simple way of making sure that your credit rating stays intact, and at the same time get relief from the emotional and financial burden of a looming debt or house repossession. Unfortunately, without a credible cash property buyer, the process can be very stressful to say the least. It is estimated that over 40% of first-time property sellers in the UK, fall prey to unscrupulous buyers while trying to sell their houses directly in the open market.

How can a cash property buyer speed up the sale of my house?

They are two major ways which cash property buyers generally use to ensure that the clients dispose of their property in a timely manner. For starters, they may have the cash ready for you once the deal is closed. In this case, once you submit the relevant documents proving that you’re indeed the owner of the house, the funds are transferred to an account of your choice.

Another method is by through referrals. Most cash property buyers typically have a large database of prospective investors and landlords interested in expanding their portfolios by buying more property. This way, the cash property buyer acts as the intermediary between you and the investors. Once again, after they have ascertained the ownership of the property then you will receive immediate offers for your house within 24 hours. This is unlike the case where you might have to put up a ‘For Sale’ sign outside your house for months without anyone showing any interest in buying you out.

How can one find a good property buyer?

One of the best ways to begin your search can be through the internet. A simple google search e.g ” Cash property buyers UK ” can reveal tens of reputable property investors and enterprises. The trick, however, lies in knowing how to single out the credible ones and those just out to take advantage of your situation. Some cash buyers are notorious for starting by placing a high bid for your property then drastically reducing it as the deal comes to completion. You can avoid such pitfalls putting everything in writing as soon as they prove the ownership of your house.

Another pointer would be paying close attention to the fees levied by the seller in exchange for helping you with the disposal process. Some dubious cash house buying agents have been known of burdening unsuspecting and desperate homeowners with non-existent fees under the guise of fancy looking terms/names. Steer clear of any agent who tries to slice more than 7% of the total value of your house under the name of bloated fees.

Avoid property buyers who charge fees upfront without any guarantee that they will buy your property. Finally, do a thorough job in comparing the fees charged by a variety of cash house buying companies by visiting different websites before making your final pick.

How much will my house fetch in the market?

Realistically speaking, you can manage to salvage around 70%- 80% of the value of your house by selling it quickly for cash. But then again it depends with your negotiating skills to get the best price for your house, and the level of experience and the buyer has himself. It’s always a wise move to enlist the help of a property evaluator to estimate the worth of your house in the open market before you even start looking for a cash property buyer. This way, you can easily avoid being duped into selling your house cheaply simply because you’re in dire need of cash.

Lastly, remember that the discounted price you’re getting for your house is as a result of the security and shorter time-frame compared to selling your house directly to the open market. And also, unlike selling your house via a property agent, when you sell your house directly for cash there are no unnecessary commissions or solicitor fees to be incurred.

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